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Creating Opportunites to End Poverty and Improve Access to Medical and Mental Healthcare for Indigent Women and Families In Nigeria


(A Tax-Exempt Non-Profit And Charitable Organization)


We create opportunities to end poverty and improve access to medical and mental health among indigent women and their families in Nigeria. We seek to advance these opportunities by providing basic necessities such as food, clean water, clothing, medical and mental health services access, women empowerment and spiritual counseling. DSEN Foundation works to provide basic education for indigent children and improve the well-being of children everywhere.





DSEN Foundation's vision is to create an empowered world by restoring hope, basic human dignity and saving lives. 



We work to empower, restore hope, dignity and save lives. We begin by identifying the less priviledged in the poorest parts of Africa whose poverty puts them and their children at a greater risks of dying from hunger, preventable and treatable diseases.


DSEN Foundation then seeks to meet the identified areas of needs of these families. The needs are food insecurity and basic necessities such as clear water, lack of clothes, and shoes. Others include lack of medical and mental health access, no access to basic education for the children and no econompic empowerment or targeted skills training for the women.  



Dr. Stella Enyi Okereke-Nwokeji


Dr. Emmanuel Nwokeji

Senior Vice President, Collaborative and Philanthropy

Dr. Chidi Charles

Medical Director

Uche Cecelia

Managing Director, Africa Regional Office

Engr. Ugonna Cornel

Director, IT Solution, Delivery, Information Technology

Board of Directors

Dr. Stella Nwokeji, Chair

Briana Chiamaka

Don Chukwuka



DSEN Foundation is dedicated to creating opportunities to end poverty and improve access to medical and mental health among indigent women andtheir families in Nigeria. We do these by providing basic necessities such as food, clean water, clothes. We also improve medical/mental health services access, provide basic education for indigent children, and empower women through skills acquisition programs and spiritual counseling.



Food Security/Clear Water/Clothes/Shoes  

Medical Services 

Mental Health Services 

Basic Education

Spiritual Counseling

Economic Empowerment (Skills Acquisition) 


DSEN Foundation provides food supplies for the indigent families we serve. We purchase and distribute staple products such as Yams, Garri, Fufu, Plantains, Rice, Beans, Milk, Water, Fruits and Vegetables.


About $50 can feed 1 family of four and $150 feeds 3 families of four for a week.     

In addition, we provide clothes, shoes and clean water through establishing sustainable water filtration systems and boreholes in the remote villages. By providing clear water, treatable diseases such Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Cholera, Diarrhoea and Dysentery are prevented.  

About $5,000 can provide a community water filtration system (borehole) in one remote village in African 



Medical care in remote African villages remains sub-standard and in some regions non-existent. DSEN Foundation is taking on the challenges of providing access to healthcare. DSEN Foundation embarks on yearly medical missions to provide medical care, medications and medical supplies to other who may not otherwise have any medical care or not seen a medical team ever in their lives. 

DSEN Foundation is assisting in remodeling a clinic in one of the communities that will provide care to the villagers. We will provide thousands of dollars worth of medical suppliess to equip the clinic. A doctor and a nurse will be employed by the foundation to manage the clinic and resources provided on a  need basis. 



In a continent where mental healthcare is limited, DSEN Foundation bridges the gap by focusing on utilizing interpersonal and family-focused psychotherapy as treatment interventions for indigent women living with mental health in Nigeria. In addition, the foundation educates families, healthcare providers and health institutions regarding mental health while advocating for those living with it.

The interpersonal and family-focused psychotherapy as treatment intervention is an 8 weeks, once a week, 2 hours session led by DSEN Foundation trained facilitators, involves interactions with adults especially women affected by mental illness. The facilitators allow the participants to talk openly and freely about what they are going through in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment. Through the interactions, facilitators can identify the root causes and/or triggers of the participants’ mental illness. The overall goal of the interventions is to help the participants change their behaviors or overcome their problems while learning coping strategies. At the end of the weeks programs, participates are given supplies of food items for their families.



While many children are attending schools, children of indigent families are usually at home due to lack of money for schools fees. Some are on the streets hawking  snacks and wares to make money for their families. They hawk foods on the streets to commuters during school hours. These children have experienced atrocity such as rape, human trafficking and/or motor vehicle accidents. 

Through your  generous donations, we provide school fees and distribute school supplies to the children. By doing so, you remove them from the streets or staying home and place them in the classrooms where they belong during school hours.

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DSEN Foundation believes in creating women success by investing in women through economic empowerment. When we empower women, we feed a nation. And when we promote wowen to take care of their own destiny, we rewrite their histories. At DSEN Foundation, we just don't give women rice, yam, chicken, goat or cow but, we give them opportunities to grow, succeed and end the circle of poverty.

DSEN Foundation provides life skills training while offering women psych-social support. With your donations, skills such as fashion designing, hairstyling and trading apprenticeships are completed. And after the successful completion of these apprenticeships, the indigent women participants will have access to micro-finance to start businesses through the donations from  DSEN Foundation generous donors.



DSEN Foundation offers spiritual counseling to all the families we serve. Our spiritual volunteers integrate spiritual counseling practice in addressing the body, mind and spirit of all DSEN Foundation service participants. During the spiritual counseling sessions, all families including their children are welcomed to attend. 


"Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others."... Danny Thomas

"Change Lives.... Impact The World.".......DSEN



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Phone Number: 470-289-8216

Operation Hours:

Monday through Thursday 9 am - 3 pm CST

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