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Global Mission With A Lasting Impact 

Impacting the World... Changing Lives

DSEN Foundation's historical humanitarian origins stem from over 25 years in philanthropy. From our very first medical mission – to the first set of twenty-five women who received our microfinance loans (small business start up loans) to establish their small businesses more two decades ago, and to our other initiatives of providing healthcare, educating children, providing food and basic necessities, DSEN Foundation continues to be one of the most trusted foundations.

DSEN Foundation was incorporated as a US based 501c 3 tax exempt status in 2019. 

Our agency is responding to the impact of chronic illness, Hepatitis C, and removing barriers that prevent access to medical and mental health care. Through our holistic approach to care, we help alleviate the issues hindering care to our diverse community. We partner with organizations who have similar goals of holistic approach of caring for a diverse community


DSEN Foundation's commitment has four focused areas: 

1. Medical and Mental Health Outreach


2. Chronic illness Prevention and Medical Management.

3. Hepatitis C Screening and Outreach

4. Health Linkage Services and Case Management

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