Global Mission With A Lasting Impact 

Impacting the World... Changing Lives

DSEN Foundation's historical humanitarian origins stem from over 25 years in philanthropy. From our very first medical mission – to the first set of twenty-five women who received our microfinance loans (small business start up loans) to establish their small businesses more two decades ago, and to our other initiatives of providing healthcare, educating children, providing food and basic necessities, DSEN Foundation continues to be one of the most trusted foundations.

Our Foundation is using the Southeastern Nigeria as a model to promote our programs. We have established clinics and skills acquisition centers. In areas of education, we have provided scholarships to cover the cost of education from elementary through university for the less privileged students. We give free books and computers to institutions in poor communities and recently renovated a school.  


Our incorporation as a US based 501c 3 tax exempt status in 2018 has given us the opportunity to partner with organizations who have similar goals of restoring hopes and saving lives through education, access to healthcare, economic empowerment and food security.


We also partner with international organizations to transform lives by addressing global challenges and providing aids.


Our legacy continues to expand under the leadership of the Foundation President, Dr. Stella E. Nwokeji, a humanitarian as well as a leader in both the healthcare and educational sectors.


DSEN Foundation commitment is focused on five goals: to provide food supply and basic needs; medical and mental healthcare, basic education, and achieve economic empowerment through skills

acquisition, and offer spiritual 



We leverage our established systems in place to pursue our global impact goals.