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DSEN Foundation is also taking health education and outreach to the remotest area of African. In 2019, the foundation opened a health and skills center in a remote part of Nigeria. This two story DSEN Foundation building now houses DSEN Foundation Health and Skills Center. The fourteen room space has clinics, elementary/primary school, a bank subsidiary, and a skills acquisition center.

In Nigeria, more than 70% of the population live in poverty and without adequate medical and mental health care. Many have died from treatable and preventive medical conditions such as asthma, waterborne disease, intestinal parasites, malaria, tetanus, diarrhea/dehydration, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, typhoid fever, anemia, malnutrition eye or skin/fungal infections and arthritis due to the overuse of the joints. Some indigent women die in childbirth. Many suffer and struggle with mental health. Attempted suicidal and suicidal rate are on the rise and more especially now following the pandemic. The DSEN Foundation clinic is bridging the gap in rural healthcare.


DSEN Foundation targets communities in dire need of medical care. Communities where little or no access to medical and mental health services exit. Indigent men and women from and around the area where the foundation clinic is located, can now come in and receive medical and medical health care. The clinic also provides indigents of the community with medications for their ailments. Pregnant women are provided with pre-natal and post-natal care through our partner clinics in the city.


The demand for health services in the communities is high and DSEN Foundation is opening up more clinics to accommodate the need and the influx of patients seen on a daily bases.

Medical equipment needed are:-

Examination tables


Standing exam light


Privacy screen

Medication containers



Lancets and strips for glucometers

Portable oximeters

Portable BP machines (manual and wall)

Medical Supplies needs are:- 

Tongue depressors, Bandages, Gauze bandages, Wraps, Medical tape, Band-Aids, Paper exam gowns, Boxes of alcohol swabs, Boxes of disposal gloves of different sizes, Clorox wipes, Hand sanitizers, Hanging files and Folders.

Medications needed are:-



Creams (anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-insecticide)


Diabetic medications

Anti-hypertensive medications

The medical and mental health clinics are operated by a team of paid physicians, registered nurses, and local counselors on ground. DSEN Foundation travels for medical mission yearly to provide care on ground. Throughout the year, DSEN Foundation medical team coordinates medical mission and services from the United States with health workers through the use of technology. 


The DSEN Foundation Clinic is proud also to be working with U.S trained medical and mental health providers. All specialists are represented and some have traveled to African to provide healthcare at the clinic. Some of the providers in the United States are working via telemedicine/telehealth to provide both medical and mental health care in the clinic. The aftermath of COVID-19 has left people experiencing increased stress and difficulty coping with stress. It has a variety of negative effects such as anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, and medical problems. The DSEN Foundation Clinic offers mental health care as well as coping strategies to deal with the daily stressors of life. 

In the DSEN Foundation Health and Skills Center, four rooms in the building are dedicated to elementary/primary education. DSEN Foundation offers scholarships to indigent children to stay in school. The scholarships help these children whose parents cannot afford to pay for their education, the opportunity to be in school instead of staying home or hawking foods in the street exposing them to motor vehicle accidents, physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse.


Financial donations are needed for the scholarships. You can adopt a child's tuition payment. When you sponsor a child's education, you prevent a perpetual or vicious cycle of poverty. You give the child an opportunity to receive an education he or she will otherwise not receive in his/her lifetime. Your generous sponsorship will provide uniforms, books, supplies, breakfast, lunch and regular medical care.

We are helping indigent communities help themselves. The DSEN Foundation Skills Center embarks on economic empowerment by providing skills acquisition. Through the center, both male and females are taught skills such as tailoring and hair dressing. These economic endeavors allow the participants to acquire skills to improve their lives, promote self-reliance, and ensure food security.

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