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Your tax deductible donation of $50 pays for 10 blocks for the school remodeling.

$100 buys one of the 40 pans of zinc required to remodel the school.

$200 pays for a window and a door.  

DSEN Foundation is rebuilding schools and building hope in Nigeria. We are raising funds to remodel elementary/primary schools in Nigerian. This pictured school was built many decades ago and children today are still learning under this unbelievable conditions. There are no chairs or tables in these classrooms for students to sit and read. They end up sitting on the floors and listening to teachers who write on makeshift walls improvised as blackboards

DSEN Foundation President and Senior Vice President recently visited the school and was saddened by the dilapidated building and the state of the environment. They classroom floors are bare cold floor with no cements and re-enforceable steel to hold the building and prevent it from falling on the school children. The entire structure is a disaster waiting to happen. 


The ravage of deep poverty was evident everywhere. There are no running water and restrooms available to the children and their teachers. Safety for these children is everything and protecting them from harm is inevitable. The classrooms have no functional windows and doors. This is an invitation to dangers from both human and animals. Snakes, rodents and other dangerous reptiles are seen around the building. Knowing the dangers that these children are exposed every day is devastatingly scary. 

In addition, the consequences of lack of or inadequate education for the children have lifelong consequences. Every child deserves quality education. Despite the environment these children or many others found themselves in Africa, their thirst for education is heartbreaking. Their quests for a better life through education is unimaginable. Education is seen in this continent as the gateway out of poverty.

DSEN Foundation is driven to do more to help bring hope and build the future for these children and their teachers. We are raising funds to remodel the pictured school so that about 1, 000 children can feel comfortable. Our plan is to furnish the school with chairs, tables and blackboards. The children will be equipped with school supplies such as books, pens and pencils.